REQUEST: add two packages for "classic-style" desktop lovers

I use two packages that I'd like to see in Manjaro's default repos:

  • pamac-classic : a fork of the old pamac's gui. Pamac reminds me a store nowdays. I found the old pamac more minimalist and intuitive. At least, If you don't want to add this package, I'd like to see a classic mode gui for the current pamac version.

  • gtk3-nocsd : I really missed the package gtk3-classic (aka gtk3-mushrooms), deleted from manjaro's repos some months ago.
    I hate CSD, because I cannot use all the functions of my favorites windows managers when CSD are used by programs.
    So, gtk3-nocsd makes my use of the desktop more simple & productive, even without use gtk3-classic.

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both gtk3-classic and gtk3-mushrooms are in the aur, with different maintainers, so if gtk3-nocsd is not doing everything you were getting from gtk3-classic before you can switch back to it.

i think you were the one who mentioned delft-icon-theme; we have similar tastes in gui! you might like xfce-classiclooks, too.

yeah, they are on AUR, but, you know: "AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk."
I always prefer to install a package from the official repos instead that from AUR, for security proposes. Even packages like (my beloved) palemoon-bin are both on Manjaro's repos and on the AUR.
I think that Manjaro team must focus the point on the kind of user experience that they want to offer, and add the packages that could help in their repos.

Anyway, my personal theme:

Another theme I discovered yesterday, that reminds me the good old Numix theme:

Well, even xfce is now adding CSD support with its next release. Also there is a reason why Pamac is looking like a store. Our goal is to make it easier to find software on Manjaro. I've to check why we had dropped both packages to AUR...

Thanks for checking, @philm

In my opinion, a forced use of CSD is not ever a good thing, because it makes unuseful all the good functions that most of the windows managers have on Linux.
I hope that, at some point, the GNOME team will take the decision to optionally disable CSD.

Talking about pamac, I hope in a sort of optional "classic-mode" gui, because in my opinion the classic packages manager, like octopi, synaptic and the old pamac, are more minimal, clear and functional for some navigate users. The new pamac has also interesting functions with its cli version that I'd like to try

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Maybe in a parallel universe they will. GNOME project team tend to do the exact opposite and remove user options. It's more than likely someone in the user community will have to write an extension to force titlebars.


Yeah, I agree.
And in my opinion is such like a stupid decision by GNOME team, because I think an option for optional disable CSD really requires a quite short code lines to be applied.
I personally do with gtk3 exactly the same things i did with the old gtk2. I really miss them. Theming on gtk2 was so simple compared to theming on gtk3.

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