Request for help with accessibility builds and Sonar Linux question

Some of you may have seen me and my previous threads like a month ago on here, mostly related to accessibility, and this one is no different.
The first thing i want to talk about is my manjaro talking project.
I released two images, mate and architect only. I want to keep updating it but i dont have a good way of dooing so, so available options are
1: Give this to someone who would want to doo such thing, i would be gratefull for that as i am also helping a few more projects like anarchy adapt accessibility to theyr installer.
2: Someone wil create a base vagrant box for me, as minimal as possible, that i can just "vagrant ssh" in to and work, this would allow me to work on these more often cause i am lets say a distro hopper.
3: It becomes one of the official community builds and manjaro team takes care of it, whitch i dont know if people from manjaro team would have a time to do. Correct me if community builds aren't taken care of by manjaro team.
Second thing i want to talk about here is sonar gnu/linux, that long abandoned accessibility oriented distro.
Specifically i want to ask if there is a possibility to stil somehow rebuild the iso with these profiles with older repository snapshots ETC, if these even exist.

Updated topic title for clarity.

It might be possible to get them going again, if they are still available.

Is this what you are referring to?

yeah, that's what i am talking about.
But when trying to build the profiles there wil be multitude of errors because of missing packages and a few other things, that's why i was asking if there are for example database snapshots from 2017.something so you could stil build these.
There is a newer repo though, containing all the other profiles+sonar at

I think it would be best to make accessibility tools usable in normal Manjaro editions.

@ Chrysostomus that's true. And it also would be great!
We already have debian, ubuntu, fedora and maybe some other ones already including accessibility tools by defauld, so if manjaro would join the party i would be extremely happy!
There is one big problem, calamares.
Qt is qt and qt-at-spi isn't great, whitch means since calamares is run as root, it cant work with the orca screenreader.
Architect works fine, but you need more knowledge to use it, and for a generic blind guy wanting to ditch windows it wont be that easy to use that.

Hmm... That is an issue... :thinking:

I'm planning on a simpler netinstaller, but that's not quite around the corner.

I think the work that is done with calamares to make it work with orca is a better bet:

It may be.
However we dont know how long wil it take for the calamares team to release a working version/patch.

From what I saw, the biggest problems of "how" are solved and it is just a matter of getting someone to code it. I think it would be possible to get it ready within 6 months

That would be good.
A little offtop though, i found a way to build sonar specific packages from the old repo of yours, the one on github.
I wil try to make something outof that.
Maybe fuzing the latest iso builds with some sonar specific configs/packages with some modifications would make it possible to rebuild working and uptodate images

A little question for you guys.
How to resolve this problem?
I managet to get the sonar specific packages up and running, hashed out openrc and started building the iso.
Fixed most of the problems, but not sure if i wil be able to fix this one.
Basically what happens is after the mhwd/bootfs part of the build, it starts preparing iso/boot/grub, and that's where it fails.
I have no efficiend way of copying my terminal output, but basically it says it cant copy /path/to/iso/building/dirs/usr/share/grub/grub.cfg because there is no such file or directory.
I assume this is caused by these old sonar iso profiles from around 2017, but i also assume i can pretty isily correct that.
Can someone help?

okay, i figuret it out.
And i successfully rebuilded sonar!
Spend most of the time sitting and figuring out, experimenting, correcting, and am done!
Now just a bit of fixes and sonar gnu/linux is back alive!

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