Request mate-hud & mate-menu

I know those packages available on AUR, but can you guys add to repository?
Sorry for bad english

Obligatory question:


I'm pretty sure mate-menu was in the repo for some years but was problematic at some point (Gtk2 to Gtk3 migragion I guess) and was dropped

There are however the default menu and brisk-menu in the repo

I just like the look of mate-menu. Also mate-hud for people who miss unity I think.

Yes I know, brisk-menu & mate-menus right?. But I don't like it :sweat_smile:.

So @jonathon can my request accepted?

No interest for now in this two pkgs so NO i don t accept this request and mate - tweak is in the repo or i missed it? :upside_down_face:

Indeed mate-tweak is in the repo, but I want mate-menu & mate-hud too :grin:.

What do these packages offer?

For example, what does mate-menu offer that brisk-menu does not?

Why should these be in the repos?

mate-hud (equivalent of Yakuake) is useful, mate-menu not so much because it's on borrowed time. Next time there's an update to Python code base e.g. Python4 it could be curtains.

This is on the github page in the readme, so how long before they drop it?

Personally I'm not the least bit interested in using the MATE Menu but I see that it is regularly requested in the Ubuntu MATE community. So consider MATE Menu a gift from me, to you :slight_smile:

I'd stick with brisk and leave mate-menu in AUR. Brisk is more actively developed and works better with custom GTK themes.

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I think mate-menu is better if panel is put on top compared to brisk-menu :grin:.

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