Reset app feature

Resetting an app to defaults is not easy. And sometimes it doesn't work properly.
What if there was the app reset feature like Android has?
When some apps doesn't function correctly we may need to reset them. So can you add the feature to reset apps which will reset an app by pressing a button or option.

What, exactly, do you mean?
Many apps do support 'defaults' buttons in their settings.
Many leave user configs in locations like ~/.config/ (that you could edit or roll back or delete etc)
You also have the ability to remove and reinstall a package I suppose.

I'm telling about a GUI way which resets app fully. From the app installer or settings.

then use your favorite gui package manager to uninstall and reinstall.

if you mean files left in your home like .config .. then package managers do not and should not touch those. they are yours and your responsibility.

(or, arguably, the app dev itself to provide GUI interface in settings to reset)


Will reinstalling reset an app?

OP is looking for a GUI way to have a fresh start of a program at anytime, clearing all configs.

But this is dependent on the program developer to implement a way to clear all of that information.

I don't think sudo pacman -Rns clears everything either.

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It will remove any files provided by the package ( /usr/bin/ , /usr/share/ , etc ) but it will not touch files in your home.
In yakuake, you can set it to autoopen or not.
This can create a file in ~/.config/yakuakerc.
Uninstalling yakuake does not remove this file.
I believe yakuake allows you to reset in its own preferences.
Otherwise it is your responsibility to edit or remove files in your home.
Package managers will not, should not, touch your home directory.


By the way what is op

Original Post (item) or Original Poster (person) interchangeably.


Perhaps if you tell us WHICH app you're thinking about 'resetting' and in what way you wish to reset it.

Linux is odd, because there isn't a single centralised 'Linux Software' creator - so you rely on developers to put things in packages. Some are meant for everyone, others are only written in a basic manner and rely on the user to develop expertise in order to master them.

Some are much simpler than others - some have various states of 'reset' built in, others don't (and generally they're reset by physically renaming the '.config' contents for that app, or for some older apps, something like a hidden folder in the /home directory.

For example, Firefox has a folder entitled .mozilla. Sometimes you can go in there and copy a folder to create a backup, delete it, or copy it and it's contents to create a 'new' profile that works initially exactly the same as your current 'default' profile.

So in order to get a clearer picture (rather than enter a general discussion that won't get very far) we should look at the specific incident that led to this problem.

Which program/app do you want to 'reset' ?

Open drive from flatpak.
It was running well before, when I switched to it from open drive's snap version. I didn't set it to auto launch at start up. But now after some days it's not running when I'm trying to launch it.
And the problem with the snap version is it shows a blank space instead of a system tray icon.

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