Resolution Issue

Hey. Just installed manjaro kde. I've got an issue with resolution, I've got 1080p screen, but 1024x768 is as far as I can go within system settings. My graphics card is nvidia gtx760, and nouveau driver.


If you do a search on this site or check out the wiki, you will find a solution. Here are some links that may or may not help.

I'm in same situation as in here NVIDIA resolution problems.
On nouveau I can't go over 1024x768, when proprietary nvidia driver is installed situation is even worse. I'm using dvi to vga, since I'm unable to use hdmi cable. Getting 1080p on windows wasn't a problem.


Please let us know if you have resolved the issue? Also please run the command
inxi -Fxzc0 and post the information here so we can help you further. Also visit this link and post your specs, and bookmark it so you can provide that information when needing help.

If I'm not mistaken, VGA does not support a resolution of 1920x1080. See here:

VGA would be the bottle neck or limiting factor here. Perhaps the reason you can get "1080p" on windows is that it is up-scaling the image?

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