(RESOLVED) Headphones: A2DP unavailable with bluetooth.

I have freshly installed Manjaro KDE and have been troubleshooting before I feel confident in overwriting Windows 10 as my main OS. I have, for some time, not been able to wrap my head around what seems to be my final issue.

My headphones (Audeze Mobius) are intended to play audio plugged in or over Bluetooth. My audio is fine when I plug my headphones in but once I remove the wired connection and utilize Bluetooth, I find A2DP is unavailable and am stuck with the HSP/HFP profile in the audio settings menu. I would just keep my headphones plugged in if it was not for the fact that I would practically ruin its battery. I have utilized and edited files in pavucontrol, and paprefs to no avail. I have reinstalled my system for a blank slate to clean up my own mess and best learn how to fix this.

pactl list | grep -C2 A2DP

inxi -Fxxxz


If any additional information is needed I will gladly provide it

Have you consulted this?

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I am so sorry. I goofed. I went through the provided content before but definitely must have made an egregious operator error. I could have saved myself a lot of goose chasing and you your time. I should have probably taken a break and come back to it instead of fixating on it. Thank you so much for bringing this ArchWiki page up!

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