Restoring Timeshift Snapshot


I am trying to restore a Timeshift backup after a system crash. The snapshot was of an encrypted SSD drive. I have a new drive and booted into a Manjaro liveUSB with the intention of restoring my old system using Timeshift. However, when I choose to restore, it says the restore was completed with errors.

I am able to reach GRUB and have the option to boot Manjaro or the fallback initramfs.
When I try to boot into either of these options, I receive an series of error messages:

error: no such cryptodisk found
error: no such device : ..........(ommitted)
error disk ..........(ommitted) not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first

Has anybody else experienced this issue before? Any input is much appreciated.

Thank you

Also this,

Maybe try again, this time using the terminal and posting the output. There is the command timeshift --restore which is interactive. Post the terminal output here.

Is this the only OS installation on your PC or you also have others (manjaro?).

You cannot use Timeshift for more than one system (same backup partition).

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