Return of the Lite - an impressively powerful, lightweight and compact 11" Linux laptop

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We are happy to announce our new partnership with Star Labs. We did a Teaser yesterday and are happy to reveal the device to you now.

The new Star Lite Mk II delivers up to a 20% performance increase with an Intel® Pentium® N4200 quad-core processor and even faster SSD storage. The low power requirement of this processor and the Type II anodized aluminium chassis eliminate the need for a fan, meaning the Star Lite Mk II is virtually silent.

Find out more about this laptop by visiting the homepage of Star Labs UK or listen to Linux Unplugged 352.


Maybe it's just me but the image won't load :slightly_frowning_face:

edit: I've had this issue with multiple announcement posts now, the browser console reports no content errors and privacy badger and ublock both report no blocked content.


Beautiful! Love seeing non-Ubuntu-based distributions partnering up with hardware vendors!


no, me2

And it's not in stock, so I can't go further with configuration options. I assume the option to pick Manjaro comes up during the check out process?

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I uploaded the image now. Normally we use the pics from our Twitter feed.

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Will they be available in the EU or just in the UK?

Yup, I can see it now! Looks pretty!

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... can be selected.

It is worldwide shipping

Maybe checkout the 13" model with Intel® Core™ i7-8550u quad-core processor ...

I think I have never seen a laptop (or desktop) with any pre-installed linux that has a comparable price:performance ratio as Windows machines from other vendors, or in other lines from the same vendor. Linux-only vendors (System76, Purism, and others) are especially bad about this, almost-exclusively offering last year's mid-tier performance for this year's flagship price, and then failing to update the line for three years or more.

To quote Star Labs:

In 2017, we started using Clevo as a supplier. The result was; the Star Lite Mk I, the Star LabTop Mk II and the Star LabTop Pro Mk I. There were a vast array of options to chose from in these laptops, from wireless to memory to pre-installed distribution. You may be familiar with Clevo as they have a lot of resellers across the world. It was a step in the right direction but they left something to be desired when comparing them to the competition - the batteries were small, the bezels were big and modern standards such as USB-C charging were not available.

The first laptop from Star Labs Systems

We had to build our own. When 2018 came around, we started working on our very own laptops. We used a variety of suppliers, design houses and factories. It was 6 long months of tooling and testing on repeat until two new laptops were born in December 2018; the Star Lite Mk II and the Star LabTop Mk III.

We tested their devices and use them on our end. I'll soon will do some videos on the Lite to show on which level we are.


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If you like, you can send me audio tracks with your narration and background soundtrack. I'll do some magic for your voice sound a bit better :slight_smile: Will be cool if recorded audio have better compression than mp3 and be recorded in 48.000 kHz :slight_smile:

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96KHz works better with certain LADSPA filters while editing. Random trick.

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Why on earth would you choose to use an Intel chip? :confused:


Give him the voice of James Earl Jones. Then things will go away like hotcakes. :smiley:


... We have one with Ryzen CPU in the works, but different topic.


Couldn't resist. Ordered one. Poor credit card.

And while you're at it: what about coreboot? Didn't find anything about that on their page?

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