Rights on second disk


Have a multiboot desktop PC with Manjaro xfce and Windows 10.
My system contains two hard disks of which the second is ntfs formatted.
This disk is locked so that I can not modify the files, how can I change these permissions.
Has somebody a solution for this problem please


if its ntfs then format it to ext4 you can change all permission in linux filesystem
not on ntfs its not supported that good

you can have access in Reading Ntfs ,
but drivers ntfs are not drivers microsoft , so avoid any modification on ntfs with linux

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All you #newbies should really use the search function of the forum.

The reason your disk is locked is because you Windows system is shutdown in suspended mode.

One of the steps to have Manjaro and Windows living happily together is to disable hybrid sleep as explained in countless posts in the forum.

It is also mentioned in a dual boot tutorial

Problem solved.
In windows 10 the command powercfg -h off was the solution

Thanks for the help

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