(RIP: Netty) "She's dead, Jim!"

One mo...

316.0 KiB + 116.5 KiB = 432.5 KiB rtkit-daemon
352.0 KiB + 97.0 KiB = 449.0 KiB dbus-launch
496.0 KiB + 29.5 KiB = 525.5 KiB ssh-agent
504.0 KiB + 165.5 KiB = 669.5 KiB gvfsd-metadata
608.0 KiB + 88.5 KiB = 696.5 KiB crond
316.0 KiB + 527.5 KiB = 843.5 KiB sh
688.0 KiB + 157.5 KiB = 845.5 KiB xfconfd
744.0 KiB + 186.0 KiB = 930.0 KiB gvfs-mtp-volume-monitor
692.0 KiB + 277.0 KiB = 969.0 KiB gpg-agent
400.0 KiB + 630.0 KiB = 1.0 MiB avahi-daemon (2)
704.0 KiB + 331.5 KiB = 1.0 MiB gvfsd
820.0 KiB + 260.0 KiB = 1.1 MiB at-spi2-registryd
4.9 MiB + -3938.0 KiB = 1.1 MiB gnome-keyring-daemon
908.0 KiB + 294.5 KiB = 1.2 MiB accounts-daemon
888.0 KiB + 350.0 KiB = 1.2 MiB at-spi-bus-launcher
1.0 MiB + 236.0 KiB = 1.2 MiB gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor
716.0 KiB + 548.5 KiB = 1.2 MiB bash
756.0 KiB + 559.5 KiB = 1.3 MiB systemd-logind
5.1 MiB + -3823.0 KiB = 1.3 MiB gvfsd-fuse
868.0 KiB + 594.0 KiB = 1.4 MiB gvfs-afc-volume-monitor
868.0 KiB + 647.5 KiB = 1.5 MiB (sd-pam)
1.0 MiB + 463.5 KiB = 1.5 MiB ntpd
1.1 MiB + 554.0 KiB = 1.6 MiB gvfsd-trash
1.5 MiB + 481.0 KiB = 1.9 MiB sudo
5.4 MiB + -3387.0 KiB = 2.0 MiB gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor
1.5 MiB + 668.0 KiB = 2.1 MiB upowerd
2.1 MiB + 546.0 KiB = 2.6 MiB systemd-udevd
1.6 MiB + 1.1 MiB = 2.7 MiB panel-6-systray
2.1 MiB + 718.0 KiB = 2.8 MiB dbus-daemon (4)
1.7 MiB + 1.3 MiB = 3.0 MiB xfce4-notifyd
1.9 MiB + 1.1 MiB = 3.0 MiB xfce4-session
2.2 MiB + 939.0 KiB = 3.1 MiB lightdm (2)
11.3 MiB + -7812.5 KiB = 3.6 MiB ModemManager
3.7 MiB + 93.0 KiB = 3.8 MiB wpa_supplicant
2.6 MiB + 1.2 MiB = 3.8 MiB xfsettingsd
3.2 MiB + 707.5 KiB = 3.8 MiB udisksd
1.7 MiB + 2.3 MiB = 3.9 MiB systemd (2)
2.7 MiB + 1.4 MiB = 4.1 MiB panel-2-actions
8.6 MiB + -3398.5 KiB = 5.3 MiB pulseaudio
7.6 MiB + -2178.5 KiB = 5.4 MiB xfwm4
4.1 MiB + 1.6 MiB = 5.7 MiB polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
3.9 MiB + 1.8 MiB = 5.7 MiB xfce4-panel
4.3 MiB + 2.2 MiB = 6.5 MiB panel-8-whisker
4.9 MiB + 2.7 MiB = 7.5 MiB xfce4-power-manager
9.0 MiB + -1122.5 KiB = 7.9 MiB panel-9-pulseau
11.8 MiB + -3687.0 KiB = 8.2 MiB polkitd
7.0 MiB + 1.4 MiB = 8.4 MiB NetworkManager
6.7 MiB + 2.1 MiB = 8.8 MiB xfdesktop
10.5 MiB + -1005.5 KiB = 9.5 MiB nm-applet
8.0 MiB + 3.3 MiB = 11.3 MiB xfce4-terminal
14.7 MiB + -2550.5 KiB = 12.2 MiB tumblerd
16.0 MiB + 1.3 MiB = 17.4 MiB Xorg
23.4 MiB + 5.1 MiB = 28.5 MiB systemd-journald


xfdesktop (replace with feh https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Feh#Set_the_wallpaper)
panel-9-pulseaudio (do you really need a panel icon for audio?)
xfce4-power-manager (not needed, tlp defaults are OK)
panel-8-whisker (I prefer the Applications Menu)

Thanks, @eugen-b. :smiley:

I'm thinking once again about OB, since I didn't diddle with it yet, but boy, the BPSWM sure looks nice. :smiley:


Today ends the experimentation with Netty. Will do two things:

  • Drop my old OB configs on it, with the broad assumption that all the requisite 32-bit OB packages are available--something I have yet to check, and/or...
  • Install, update, and configure MJRO Bpswm 17.0.4 x32, again with the broad assumption all the related x32 packages are available., or...
  • Say screw it and install MX-17. This wee netbook had a working MX-16 installed when we (I) decided to experiment with it on Manjaro x32.

If it is up to my wife--and it is--it will be MX-17 by the end of the day. I have really enjoyed this brief experiment, but the fact is my wife expects a fully functioning netbook--at least functioning enough to stream videos--by day's end. Every day.

She's pretty much fed-up with me snagging this from her in the morning, installing an unconfigured-to-her-tastes DE by evening, then having to watch choppy (at best) playback, when just a few days ago she did not need to endure this. (She suffers so much!) :smiley:

Since I'm her Linux Tech Support, I'm going to do my best by her and that means avoiding--for the time being--a distro that isn't quite yet ready for primetime, no fault to any one person or group. :+1:

My belief is Manjaro should bend their focus on at least one good Window Manager or more for x32, given the nature of the remaining beasties.

I will rely on other forum members to carry on this work for the time being.

Thanks to all! :smiley:

This summer youtube dropped flash support - which meant sayonara to accelerated decoding (regardless of hardware) on windows XP and Vista.
Some user never had it to begin with (like, say, in your 3rd gen GMA case), but still reported worsened performance.
I hence always wondered if differences between software decoders where appreciable.

Guess like you cannot benchmark windows and different browsers?

Netty originally came with a cut-down version of WindowsXP which was a real slug-a-bed (slowwwww). Fortunately I don't do Windows, so I immediately installed Ubuntu Netbook, the forerunner of Unity, and it was a different world.

It has since ran mostly Openbox, from the old CrunchBang, to ManjaroBox, to ArchBang, to Arch+OB, you name it. Always minimal, always well-functioning.

Even the few times it ran Manjaro Xfce or Arch + Xfce, it ran well with a little tweaking. But that was when Xfce idled at 125-135 MB RAM, and OB @ 90. Those days are past.

I'll re-install an Arch or Manjaro base to it, once their respective project(s) get a bit further along.

Just not today, not with my wife riding my donkey. All (successfully) married men understand this. It took me three tries to (I hope) get that part right. :wink:


Netty died at approximately 10:45 A.M. PDT today, January 7, 2018.

Her death was sudden and she did not appear to suffer. She had lived a long, rugged life. She leaves behind Debbie, who is inconsolable (with rage), and @c00ter, who will shortly be made to feel the wrath of Debbie for killing poor, wee Netty (he denies it).

Born-- 2009
Died -- 2018

RIP, Netty.


I suppose if you write "died" that you checked

  • RAM is in place
    • but probably it simply doesn't electrically turn on
  • charger LED is lit
    • mine got broken and I thought it was the netbook, because the battery was also broken

Take the battery out, wait a bit, put it back in. Also, try disconnecting the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS.

Not helpful if it dropped over a waterfall, but hey. :slight_smile:

I'm gonna give her 3 days, see if she doesn't self-resurrect. Then pull the panels. Meantime my wife has um, acquired my original Kindle Fire. Her loss, my loss.


EDIT: for as much as I personally wouldn't have problems with just the latest shiny AOSP rom and profit

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You want him to break the Kindle? :laughing: :wink:


Poor wee Netty's guts were ripped out yesterday, and there's no bringing her back from the grave. And no use trying to shove the toothpaste back in the tube.

I was concerned when she started thrashing--thomp!thomp!thomp!--during our experimentation. It happened twice, something that she'd never done before, though I quickly shut her down. She was operating just fine when she suddenly just died.

She had a long, rugged life for a Netbook, being hauled up and down remote Alaskan mountains, traveling by small watercraft, floatplane, ferry, and car.

She insisted on using Linux as her sole operating system, having rejected Windows in her youth. She loved dressing up in Manjaro, or getting naked and dirty with Arch. She was quite a girl! :smiley:

RIP Netty.


But your tests with it helped many users to get a better tested Manjaro32.

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Probably not, but she "died with her boots on" and that's important, where we come from. :slight_smile:

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Remarkably that the Atom CPUs before 2013 were not affected by Meltdown. I can remember that was quite a sensation when they (the Atoms) were announced first. It was quite a breakthrough in terms of power consumption.

You already know what the successor will be? A low power AMD laptop?

There will be none, until we're in a better financial situation. C'est la vie. :smiley:

And sleeping here alone, on the couch, has its own rewards, right? :sob:

EDIT: we're getting by splitting the use of an original Kindle Fire--as mentioned, and no, I'm not gonna root (■■■■■) it, @eugen-b :wink:

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Unfortunately the only thing I could donate is this old thing which makes Netty and the Kindle Fire look like a modern marvel.


Plus it only runs puppy linux, I tried Manjaro believe me.


AMD atm has nothing modern enough to be worth anything in the <10W ULV market.

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OMG, that's so cute! :smiley: Reminds me of an old Compaq, back when they ruled laptops. :smiley:

I'd like to buy one of @philm's Spitfires, but AFAIK he's not selling any 32-bit models. Har! :smiley:

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