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Is it a laptop for children?
An interesting model to explore!

I would also like to try out a Panasonic Toughbook.


Or an old (circa 1982) Compaq Portable? Only 28 lbs...


Rip the guts out and install new. :wink:

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Yes, original xo-1. One of the first ones off the production run and still kicking all these years later.
All AMD hardware for cpu and gpu and I think it is around 13watts or something. The network is also pretty fascinating, some kind of Mesh networking card, if you have a similar device nearby it will pick it up and then you can communicate directly with each other.

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Uh, you just made me realize that alongside the 2.5W of the N270 tdp, I should also count in the 7 of the Calistoga gpu and like 3 of ICH7M. Which eventually makes for a total ~15W of system tdp on full cpu-load.

While modern amd's apu (in the 15W figure) have pretty much everything but the southbridge.
You still get around 25W in the same conditions though, and in this sense you have to engineer a quite different computer than, say, your average ready-to-go-fanless atom or coreM.

Maybe the recently announced dual-core Ryzen 3 2200U may remotely compete in this camp, if fine tuned, but I'm not sure.

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