RIP yaourt

by Skunnyk

Its aging code (in bash), its implementation problems (parsing of the pkgbuild "by hand"), the criticisms and the new quality helpers (yay, pikaur, trizen...), make that today yaourt has become non-essential in the Archlinux ecosystem.

With Denis (larchunix) and Igor (f2404), the last 2 contributors in recent years, we have decided to archive the github project in the near future.

announcement (french)

thank yaourt :heart:


Never one to be charmed by the brand new shiny thing, I will keep using allsrervers and yaourt until they fail. Also, don't fix it if it's not broken.

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated (apologies to Mark Twain).

Happy Spring to all.

@cpmielk, wow! Someone is still using my old allservers script. Well done! & thanks. :smile:

You must have had to modify it some for the changes that have happened since I've left the Arch/Manjaro world?

@handy No mods, it just works.


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I used yaourt for years (2009 to 2015 or 2016) before switching to pacaur then trizen and now yay.

Thanks yaourt for all these years.

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Guys why man yay says the option -u is deprecated? It encourages to use -Qu
Does it mean that full system update should be yay -SQyyu

I think pacman -Qu shows packages which can be upgraded.
-Q are all query options (not install) and you can't use -Q and -S together.

It's not -u that is deprecated, but -Pu.

Capital letters: operations, only one allowed.


Yeah I know. I've just installed yay couple days ago and still afraid to use it.
because it's exactly what it saying in man

   -u, --upgrades
          Deprecated, use yay -Qu instead.

in pacman we are doing pacman -Syu the same command in yay also working. But if -u is deprecated, then it should be substitute with -Qu

It's under the subsection of -P !
i.e. -Pu is deprecated and you should use -Qu.
-Su is fine.

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Ah ah, I see...

To make things clearer:
Capital letters, like -S (=sync), -U (=update), -Q (=query), indicate the operation, and the small letters are options to be passed to the selected operation.


I was using "yaourt -C" for dealing with pacnew files (I use yay for AUR things). Is pacdiff the same thing?

In some ways, yes.

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