Rofi based application launcher menu with categories

Theme variant without compositor


changes to rofimenu.rasi
button {
	horizontal-align:	0;
	expand:			true;
//	expand:			false;
	padding:		@addpadding;
	width:			18ch;
	background-color:	@background;
listview {
	lines:			12;
//	lines:			20;
	fixed-height:	true;
//	fixed-height:	false;
	dynamic:		false;
	scrollbar:		true;
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do i need to update the rofi script / rofimenu.rasi ? [to show the "Menu Settings" option on left pane ? OR i add the menulist ?

You should update the script.
Now rofimenu has config file ~/.config/rofimenu/rofimenurc. It is created on the first start.
If you want lines on the left to fill all height, edit .rasi as in previous post

how do i do ?
i had cloned your script from git earlier ! i simply cloned into my scripts folder and execute it ! [though i know its crude]

Clone it again, or just copy/paste from github site. Be aware that scripts on github were moved to /bin folder.

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Ahhh.. missed out on the change in folder path ! i was wondering why i could not find them.

just curious....
roficatmenu / boxmenu ? variants ?

This is menu script @Chrysostomus intends to use as desktop menu.

This is my first attempt at showing categories.

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waiting for update... ! till then i may explore by replacinf the GKTmenu "LaunchMenu" option to check out !

Default theme now has two styles.

Submenu-like style (requires compositor):


Tabs-like style (works without compositor):


It takes a couple of lines to comment/uncomment to change menu style.

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I changed now the mainmenu of bspwm-minimal to use this instead, and the desktop menu to use my variant of rofi cat menu. The packaging solution was not ideal, but I was lazy. Probably need to change that later on...


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Have you tried

  export BROWSER=chromium

still no result...
BTW, just wonder, i had to set it when i first installed bspwm... perhaps 16.X version i cant remember... is it so ?

rofimenu script says "default-browser" for Browser, "default-terminal" for TERMINAL, "default file browser" which opens $terminal -e ranger.

   ~   master  xdg-settings get default-web-browser                                   ✔  10027  23:05:18 

default-browser is a script that sources your ~/.profile and run $BROWSER that is set there.

The point is, it has nothing to do with desktop files or default browser of xdg specification

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The easiest way is just to set applications you want in menu config file in Favourites() function like this:
echo " Browser:chromium"

It can be set to xdg-open ~ instead

EDIT. Also consider following:

exo-open --launch WebBrowser


gtk-launch $(xdg-settings get default-web-browser)

if you have them installed

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adding export BROWSER=chromium in ~/.profile does it for rofi... :+1:

editing rofimenu with either of the options [ exo-open OR xdg-settings does it too.... too, doesnt touch ~/.profile ]

I think adding entries in (dot)profile is mandatory ?
if i comment out the entry, rofimenu fails to open chromium)

Tested bspwm-minimal with it. I'll have to work on the font settings, some category icons are not displayed properly. I like to use terminus font for its sharpness, but for some reason some fallback fonts do not pick all the icons on bspwm-minimal.

Other than that I'm quite satisfied with it.

try TerminessTTF Nerd Font OR DejaVuSansMonoForPowerline Nerd Font

This is the fallback font used for the icons. Problem is, it is horribly blurry and renders badly. Normal terminus font is bitmap font, so it is always sharp even without antialiasing

my simplepanelrc fonts

SP_FONT_1="DejaVuSansMonoForPowerline Nerd Font:pixelsize=11"		# main font
SP_FONT_2="DejaVuSansMonoForPowerline Nerd Font:pixelsize=11"	# iconic font
#SP_FONT_3="-misc-knack nerd font-medium-r-normal-*-18-*-*-*-p-*-iso10646-1"	# extra font
SP_FONT_3="-misc-anonymicepowerline nerd font-medium-r-normal-*-13-*-*-*-m-*-iso10646-1"	# extra font

rofimenu font

//    font:                        "xos4 Terminus 18px";
    font:                        "DejaVSansMonoForPowerline Nerd Font 14px";

with above settings, i get this...
[i have colorized monotone icons (shown iin app menu) to match the nerd icon color to keep in sync]

unfortunately i cant install knack nerd fonts [name changed to hack nerd but still not able to install from nerd-fonts aur repo for technical reasons. i could manually install dejavusansmono nerds complete manually and hence able to use it

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