Rofi based application launcher menu with categories


@ Favourites Submenu "Exit" how about renaming to "Escape" OR "ExitMenu" so user doesnt get confused between the two "Exit" options listed in left as well as right panel... just sharing...
i tried renaming but rofimenu doesnt catch the edited name option and still displays "Exit"

I think the reason is that the first fallback font is usually "DejaVu Sans" and it has some characters in "Private Use Area" that look like this: ο€€. So proper solution is to make fontconfig first look into nerd font and then go to dejavu.

I just removed that in my config. It was an example how to use referencies to other top menu levels. It should open top-tevel "Exit" menu, but may fail. To make it work it needs some delay. I added "delay" function for that purpose. If you want to keep "Exit" in Favourites, maybe it would do to add something like "οƒš" (a triangle pointing right from nerd fonts). I now use this in categories menu:


EDIT. Added some explanations above


i also notice a clear gap between the crollbar and selected menu bg... earlier it was unified with no gaps so i had disable the scrolbar view... ! now i ll activate and check out ! update from repo if needed !
edit: enable visibility not showing gap....! need to update rofimenu.rasi ?

EDIT: Sorted that out....
have 2 options in rofimenu.rasi
padding / border
i use padding [border isolates lines in left main panel; if border color can be matched with background, perhaps the seperation lines can be kept invisible]

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Cool, I need to update the menu.

I found out the reason behind the font issue, easy to solve (wrong icons in other menu)

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another silly question !
search options points to [surely pointing to script]... need to add that script too ? i have none !

can scrollbar width be fixed ? its relative to length of lines !
for example the panel main Power button displays options AND scrollbar [which is not needed]
rofi main menu length of bar is relative to contents, more the lines, less bar length [Apps meu shows small height, Favourites need not display scrollbar at all and so on...]
just sharing my observations !

It is here

~ >>> pacman -Qo /usr/bin/                                                                                                                                                      
/usr/bin/ is owned by rofi-scripts 0.2-1

You can disable scrollbar in default rofi config (~/.config/rofi/config.rasi) as rofimenu has its own config.

I might read man 5 rofi-theme some more to figure out if that is possible.

EDIT. As for panel power button (and mpd module) you can find in panel rc file this line

  -theme-str "#listview { fixed-height: false; }" \

and edit it to get

  -theme-str "#listview { fixed-height: false; scrollbar: false; }" \

Btw, @kainonergon, do you think you could develop rofimenu in rofi-scripts repo?

I can you give write access so no pull requests are necessary. I think it would be the most logical package to house these scripts.

not found

  ξ‚° ~ ξ‚° ξ‚  master ξ‚° pacman -Qo /usr/bin/                                    ξ‚² βœ” ξ‚² 10041 ξ‚² 18:15:26 
error: failed to read file '/usr/bin/': No such file or directory

I mean you should install rofi-scripts package.

I think it is a good idea. Maybe I will use my "scripts" repo for experimens and adding features and then commit it to rofi-scripts repo. I am going to be quite busy with other things for two or three weeks, so rofimenu development has to wait. After that I am planning to add -desktop option to rofimenu so that the same code for categories can be used there. It partly works, though placing of submenu is not done yet and categories open in main menu instead.



Placing the submenu is pretty complicated, because xdotool is used for placement and menu width is determined in characters. With original mouse position being XP,YP, the submenu would need to be (XP+menu_widht),(new_y_pos-z).

got it ! so silly of me !

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I think fixed width in pixels is better in this case. Then X is easy to calculate as you wrote. If font size changes or long entry is added, then it is fixed by tweaking one number. As for vertical placement I wonder if I can implement dummy transparent lines in rofi window according to position of submenu entry. Then it will exactly match. But it requires compositor. Then I think the icing on the cake might be if the sidebar button with the name of category is placed right on the same place as the line in first menu. It would seem more like real submenu.


EDIT. Just tried adding dummy lines. Seems it could work, yet it will take some effort. First crude experiment looks like this:



I wanted to add bspwmrc and sxhkdrc to the menu, but it would make the menu less suitable for other environments.

So I decided to use .desktop files instead:



doesnt work as rofimenu.rasi takes over [or rofimenu?] adding scrollbar: false doesnt work even after killing and restarting panel

Well, after latest commit rofimenu -desktop works:




Now fixed placement of desktop menu near the right side and the bottom of the screen.

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I tried to run the dboxmenu from Chrysostomus/rofi-scripts and could find command wattr
I did a search for it but could not find what package or source code to be built from


Wmutils. To find out which package owns certain file, use the -F flag in pacman.

sudo pacman -Fyo /usr/bin/wattr

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