rofi -dmenu as Plasma shortcut freezes


I am using latest Manjaro KDE edition. When setting up a custom shortcut for launching "rofi -dmenu", Plasma freezes immediately. In Ksystemlog I just get an entry for "kded5" with empty error description.

When entering the same "rofi -dmenu" command in console, rofi just launches without any issue.

  1. I dont know where to start debugging.
  2. Why is there a different behavior between launching a command in terminal and launching the same command from plasma as custom shortcut?
  3. Launching "rofi -show combi" as a custom shortcut works just fine. What's the difference there?

If someone can help me, I would be very happy :wink:

Put an & - rofi -dmenu& can confirm without it it hangs plasma.


Muchas Gracias! That did the trick

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