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I currently have a large Roland vinyl printer and cutter that is being run from a Windows 10 pc via the Roland VersaWorks software. I would like to run the Roland printer from my linux pc but for that I need the correct drivers and RIP software. I did some research and Couldn't find RIP software for linux. I did find Inkcut but that only does the cutting and not any printing.

Since I do not expect a lot of us in the forum will have a lot of knowledge around vinyl printers (I do not), and a basic search in the arch wiki and the aur gave me no indication what so ever that there is some entry about it, let's try to deduce.

So please provide us with the following information:

  1. Exact Model of the printer.
  2. (I presume and hope that it connects through USB) Connect it to your PC and power it on. After that, run the following commands and paste the output.
  • lsusb
  • inxi -Fxxxza
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  1. Roland VersaCamm VP-300
  2. It connects to my wi-fi router via an ethernet cable.

The only relevant page I could find was from Inkscape:

One other was this
It says, it works in Debian based OSes and it does not appear to be open source.

Thanks for the effort.

Doesn't seem like Roland has any software available for Linux.

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