RPi 4 8GB System freeze

Hello Community,

first time poster here, so please let me know if i do something wrong.
I have a RPi 4 with 8GB RAM and was so happy that Manjaro runs such smooth on it, even with dual monitor.

I installed Manjaro ARM XFCE 20.04 on my sd card and everything went fine. After some time the system starts to freeze at heavy workload (Example: Download at full speed or extracting an archive).

So i searched the Forum and there was a Post with a Guy who had the same issue. Sadly this post is closed and the solution was to change to Manjaro KDE.

I changed to Manjaro ARM KDE 20.04. Again everything runs smooth and then at some point the system freezes at heavy workloads.

As i am just a unix newbie i dont know where to search for the problem. Are there some log files that could show what happen before the freeze?
I just dont want to switch to Raspbian or whatever OS because i enjoy Manjaro very much, even on all my x86/64 machines.

Please let me know what data you need from me to help and i will post them asap.

Thanks in advance and keep on going the good work

Best Regards

Just if someone has the same struggle.
Strange solution:

i download or extract to usb-hdd then freeze happens after about 10mins
put a small USB extension between RPi4 and usb-device no freeze happens.

also the process webcontent which was at CPU usage ~80% while downloading is now at ~25%

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Glad you found the issue. That is a know issue with some usb drives as they are not shielded properly, at least according to the RPi people; some one could argue differently where to put the blame depending on your point of view. lol

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