RPI Network Printer doesn't print with Manjaro " Filter Failed "

Hello there :slight_smile:

I'm owning a HP-Photosmart-c309a connected to my raspberry Pi for network printing.
On my Laptop i'm using Manjaro Linux.

Now what I did to add the printer to my Network was following this tutorial:

My Problem:

  • Adding the Photosmart from my Laptop with dnssd URL and the correct Driver follows with "filter failed" every time I print.
  • I can print on raw network connection => Pictures are cropped the wrong way and the selection of Paper-Sizes is too big

Additional Information:

  • hplip and cups are installed on both devices
  • hpcups version on RPI = 13.18
  • hpcups version on Manjaro = 13.20

Thanks for assistance. If you need any more information, I will provide that.

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