RTL8821au_RTL8812au :: modprobe/insmod no such file (Kernel 4.10)

Firstly, I installed my headers via:
sudo pacman -S linux410-headers

then tried both:
yaourt -S rtl8812au_rtl8821au-dkms-git
yaourt -S rtl8812au

with (rebooting before) modprobe (and rebooting) after
and I get ERROR: could not load module // no such file or directory

Did you install the 4.10 kernel itself? Did you consider using Manjaro's kernel management tool (and maybe avoiding errors such as this)?


I installed it with mwhd.... this is about loading the driver, not my kernel. You read my post, right?

give @c00ter's method a try. its by far the easiest way to go about installing kernels and their related files. if you still have issues after that, then come back to us here..
and YES we have read your post. =)

It's already installed via that method -_-

Then you better post your inxi output in the appropriate place, since we know nothing of your hardware and playing 20 Questions is a tiresome game.


inxi with which flags?

It says I have a null-if-id for the card

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