rtl8821ce wifi Adapter Driver Install by Default

I would like to request that the rtl8821ce driver be included and installed (if applicable hardware is installed) automatically.

This seems to be a common problem area for new users and it took me about 3 days to fix the problem myself. Without this driver, you have to buy a usb ethernet adapter to plug into your laptop (seems that most computers with this adapter do not have an ethernet port). or else you can't even use pacman to install packages.

The way that I obtained and installed the rtl8821ce driver was by doing the following:

  • Buying a usb 2.0 Ethernet adapter.
  • Installing dpkg, as it did not install when I installed manjaro.
  • Installing dkms, also not installed with manjaro
  • Using the following commands:
cd desktop
git clone https://aur.linux.org/rtl8821ce-dkms-git.git
cd rtl8821ce-dkms-git
makepkg -sic

Upon reboot, my wifi was up and running.

Most every wifi support thread I respond to I suggest to use USB phone tethering for a temporary internet connection. There is no need for a new hardware purchase if you have a cell phone.

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This is a great idea for people who have tethering capabilities. However, I live in Japan and use SoftBank as my cellular carrier. As I do not speak very much Japanese, I have to specifically go into a SoftBank store and request it be added to my account (can take a few days to actually go through).

It is much easier just to buy the adapter and do the above.

You do not need to use your phone's carrier data for the actual wifi connection to the Internet. The Internet connection is simply using your phones wifi to connect to your routers standard internet AP.

I didn't know you could do that.

But, SoftBank "hard locks" tethering until you sign up for a 500 yen/month plan. The option to tether doesn't even appear in an iPhone's menu until you purchase the plan, it is enabled, and you restart your phone.

Why would you install dpkg on Manjaro? That is Debian's default package manager.

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Oh sorry, this is an iPhone. My condolences.

Regarding adding the driver to base installs. That is unlikely to happen unless your adapter is a model that comes preinstalled on Manjaro branded laptops sold through retail sources.

There are tons of Realtek, Broadcom, etc, etc, etc, second party wifi drivers in the AUR. There's no way Manjaro is likely to include all the extra drivers in a base install.

Unless the wifi comes preinstalled on Manjaro laptops the driver is not even likely to be included in the Manjaro repos.


It was needed for part of the dkms package on the first driver link that I tried to download the link for the driver from. It was packaged in a .deb file. I just downloaded it in case it was needed for the install. dpkg doesn't seem to be too large, so it wouldn't really hurt to install anyway.

Well, I appreciate your input. I figured it was worth the try.

Also, I hate using an iPhone but they charge you per-text to message with android. This is because iMessages are sent over data instead (as you may already know).

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it would be so nice if they included this rtl8821ce driver as default. when i first installed Manjaro i was a Noob and did not have any idea about how things worked . I had a hard time figuring out how to setup the Wifi driver . i was coming from Linux mint and they provided this driver by default

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One of the biggest reasons people prefer an Arch based distro over an Ubuntu based distro is that older hardware runs considerably faster with the leaner Manjaro install.

The more bloat added to a base install the less responsive the installed Manjaro version will be. You can't expect to have the distro add everything but the kitchen sink and yet still be snappy and light.

You need to draw the line somewhere.


but Manjaro is considered to be one of the beginner friendly Linux Distro also

User Friendly is not the same as easy or that it needs to include everything you can think off. :slight_smile:
If you want a distro that includes everything, you should try EndlessOS. They even include an offline wikipedia.

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I'm okay with the way Manjaro is now. But what i was saying is ,Back when the time when i was an absolute Noob to Linux ,i had a hard time installing the Wifi drivers in Manjaro . I can understand that you can't add every single Wifi drivers users request to :sweat_smile:

I agree. My laptop also uses the rtl8821ce driver, so I know what you went through.

The fact just is, it's not a very common chip in laptops, so there is no incentive to include it by default, unless one of the vendors that has a partnership with Manjaro ships a device with it at some point.

yeah i get that

Well at least i have added out of the box support for


In mhwd-garuda

the reason being one of my friend has 8723de
Wifi card

Don't forget rtl8812au, all the kids use that for war driving. :smile:

You must use the https://aur.archlinux.org/pkgbase/rtl88xxau-aircrack-dkms-git/?O=40&PP=10

It works for 4 of the rtl88xx series adapters.

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Okay thanks i will add it also

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Can you give me a list of most common dkms wifi drivers that you came across
Which may need to be added

What im gonna do is

Add them to mhwd
So when a user has the card
It will show in settings manager
So they can installl it just like how they install
Nvidia drivers or r8168 network driver

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