Running Manjaro on Older Hardware (Pentium 4)

Good evening, people of the Manjaro forum

Ever since i first began experimenting with Linux in VMs, i've always wanted to run it on real hardware.
My biggest issue was always getting the real hardware. The only computers I own are a Windows 10 laptop with UEFI firmware and a Chromebook. My grandmother recently got a new computer and she offered me her old one. Which is an old Dell Dimension 3000, early-2000's Windows XP machine. Fairly decent office box for the time. A Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB DDR memory. Now I finally have hardware to run Linux on! I've been distro-hopping for around a year now. Started on Ubuntu, then tried Mint, Fedora, Elementary, Manjaro, Antergos and even the Revenge installer. I've always come back to Manjaro though. Just the simplicity, reliability, and security of Arch matched with the beauty of many DEs appeals to me greatly. My problem, and the purpose of this post is that i noticed that on the downloads page on Manjaro's website, there are only x64 downloads, when i need an i386 or x86 OS for the Dimension. Is Manjaro not offered in 32-bit anymore? Are there special versions for cases like this? If not, what other distros, preferably Arch-based with XFCE, would be good fit for my project?

No 32bit is dead in manjaro.
Better off getting Ubuntu MATE or something.
But for the love of pete up your ram if possible 512 MB will get you nowhere these days.

manjaro only just recently ended 32-bit support, but there are efforts to continue it elsewhere.


As fo4r ram kits looks ilike it will take ddr memory up to 2 gigs.

You can get ram kits for it for very cheap

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Better get debian, since ubuntu 32bit support is also dead for new versions :thinking:

but tbh, buy a used computer from somewhere. P4 needs so much power and is not worth to even turn in on...

Your best bet might be antiX.
ans that's a P3 with 384 MB DDR, running antiX 32bit.

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That is ubuntu main and 32bit support is still mostly around, tghey are only dropping the 32bit .iso installers.
side distros may still provide 32bit images.


Well, thanks everyone, for your information and help! I was planning on upgrading the RAM. I'll actually have the computer in me mitts tomorrow. It may actually use DDR-2 memory, but I can't remember for sure. I took a look in the BIOS last Sunday, but I can't remember any specifics. Just, Pentium 4 and 512 MB memory. I found out Linux Mint still has support for x86 architectures. So, i'll be running Linux Mint XFCE on it. I'll definitely max out the RAM and see about upgrading other things as far i can. I was looking at the Manjaro Spitfire yesterday. Quite expensive for me at the moment, though. Hopefully we'll see more Manjaro dedicated hardware, and at more reasonable prices. £1,000 is a bit high of a price. For around £300 or £500, and i'd buy it. But for now, i'm stuck using ancient hardware that probably will struggle to load modern Google.

You can find some nice low priced desktops on amazon

That one looks pretty good, and slapping linux onto it should be a non issue

For cheaper you could do this:

Or this:

If you need a cheap new machine there are a lot of nice refurbs and linux should work on them.

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