Ryzen 3900x repo-ck

Hello, I have a Ryzen 3900x and I am wondering if repo-ck is worth installing. Does anyone have a ryzen 3000 and have a repo-ck installed?

I'd gladly give it a try. Do you by any chance know if for my Ryzen 7 3750H I should use ck-zen or ck-zen2? I suppose that "zen+" must be just "zen", buy I'm not sure.

[edit] I installed linux-ck-zen 5.6.12-2. I can't say if it's better, as it hangs my lappy in exactly the same way as the regular Arch kernel does since 5.6.11. :confused: As far as I know, this is related to my Navi 14 graphix (Radeon RX 5500M).

From what I have been able to find out the Ryzen 7 3750H is not Zen2, therefore according to what it puts in this link


it should install the ck-zen

True. Unfortunately, due to the graphics issue, for now I can only use the LTS kernel. :confused:

@mlpbcn Did you try this out? Curious how it went!

In the end I tried, the PC works very well for me.
Thank you. For your help.

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