Same savegame for Linux and Windows (ETS2/ATS)


Can I use the same profile on ETS2 / ATS on Windows and Linux? Currently I have in each of the games a profile for Windows and another for Linux. Can I use 1 on both platforms without taking risks? When the game changes versions (updates) a message is usually displayed saying that to avoid incompatibilities the truck had been putted in a safe place (the garage) and deliveries were finished. This is boring, especially if you are too far away from the garage.

They are both running using proton here on Manjaro

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

answer is NO,
each platform use a filesystem that is not the same and concerns

  • profiles - preferences - apps and saves

Whe game uses steam cloud and they are basically the same

I think you can play on both systems if cloud saves are enabled.
When i migrated from windows to manjaro, i reconfigured only keyboard bindings.
Thats all.

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I was playing ATS on Linux and on windows with no problems, just wait for syncing in steam.

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Was it the same save? Have you ever had problems like this one?

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Yes they are. The problem is just playing on both "at the same time", like Windows in the morning and Manjaro in the afternoon (stupid example :sweat_smile:)

Do not remember, there were not that many updates.
The truth is I did not reboot every day, I mostly stayed in Linux and rebooted only when my son wanted to play games what do not work on Linux.
I was even able to put my old Flatout2 save game from Linux to Windows and back. It does not sync.

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Thank you very much :wink:

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This happens every time after a major update. It happens on Linux and Windows and is a decision made by the developer. Nothing you can do about, maybe complain to the developer about this.

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or just park your car and do not park it on the HWY! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I agree with that, when it updates, to avoid any tragedy they put your truck safe. I'm just worried if it happens without an update by only changing from W10 to Manjaro :slightly_frowning_face:

@VoDo and @xabbu have you ever had this problems?

We do not play it much now we are rich we have $500 millions in bank account and can not withdrawal :frowning:

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I have no idea what proton is I just use steam as it is.

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Nope, but I don't use KDE. ( I'm not suggesting that is your problem). I also have a totally different system, so it is not really comparable.

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