SbK Gnome 20.0.3

I am pleased to announce the release of SbK Gnome 20.0.3.

SbK Gnome 20.0.3 1

SbK Gnome 20.0.3 2

This one is the last of the 20.0.3 series, but defiantly not least. Though if Deepin 20 is released that might change.

I uploaded updated iso's thanks to Ste74's feedback below.

This release includes

  1. The 5.4.44 Linux kernel which is a LTS kernel.
  2. The following Gnome shell extensions are installed:
    Dash to Dock
    Clipboard Indicator
    Dynamic Top bar
    Hide Top bar (The top bar is hiddin by default. Moving the cursor to the top edge will show it.)
    Remove dropdown arrows
    Desktop Icons ng (It is enabled. But end users wil have to manually set the permission for launchers to be executable. Until then they will have the generic launcher icon and will only open as a text file.)
  3. Minimize and Maximixe window controls.
  4. A new orange icon theme.
  5. Both the full and minimal versions have a new dark gtk and shell theme with orange highlights. There is a matching kvantum theme if you want to run any qt apps.
  6. I added 9 new desktop wallpapers to /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash/Butterfly. One of them is the background for the grub, desktop, and login screen backgrounds.
  7. LightDM instead of GDM with lightlocker screen locking.
  8. Up to date as of 6/20/2020.

The iso's also contain the standard SbK features.

  1. A Manjaro stable install that is also AUR compatible.
  2. Multiarch by default to make running wine games and other 32bit software you may run easier.
  3. The Spins by Kilz signed repository is enabled for SbK project packages.
  4. Timeshift autosnap installed. It takes a snapshot before upgrading so any bad upgrades can be easily reversed.
  5. Bloatware has been removed (HP printer software and others).
  6. Flat packs and snaps are not installed. The back ends are also not installed but can be installed by the user.
  7. The repository points to the new project url of
  8. A basic Conky.

A full and very minimal iso can be found here.

As always comments and suggestions are welcome, please post them below.



Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:,

We don't use this, is deprecated, now arch update extension is part of pamac manager and is called pamac update indicator.

And this is why we use a fork for it: desktop-icons-ng

For now this not work and we use arc-menu. More usefull and with more features.
If you want use in gnome 3.36 you need to use this commit but as i know this extension can not wok again in the near future.

Not tested your Iso so i presume you use the old package called gnome-screensaver to provide a screesaver/lockscreen because if you remove GDM you lose the lockscreen feature integrated and also wayland support .

So you use BTRFS as filesystem in your installed system because without BTRFS you can't use this feature.



Thanks for the feedback. Two of the extensions you mention are not used, and the one that is used (arch update) functions ok. I think I tried desktop-icons-ng`at one point and it was buggy as well, I will have to try it and see if things have changed. In any event I will be changing or removing the extensions you mentioned in the next build. Light-locker provides the screen locking and integrates with lightdm. If GDM themes were not binary blobs I would likely use it instead. Timeshift autosnap does work without BTRFS. It still creates a timeshift restore point.


Thanks to your feedback I have remade the iso's and I am uploading them now. I have removed the old iso's.

All files have been uploaded.

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