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I am pleased to announce the release of SbK Lxqt 19.0.

Both versions of this release include

  1. The 5.4.22 linux kernel which is a LTS kernel.
  2. It is multiarch by default.
  3. A ton of package updates since the 18.1.5 release. The release is up to date as of 2/29/2020.
  4. This release uses the KvSpinDarkGold theme and a similar gtk theme. The theme is new and its first use is the Lxqt 19.0 release.
  5. There is a new grub theme that matches the login screen and the desktop wallpaper/theme.
  6. I added 15 new desktop wallpapers from They can be found in /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash/Gold. One of them is the new background for the desktop, grub, and login screen.
  7. As with all SbK releases there are no snaps or flatpacks. The system has also had a lot of bloat removed like the HP printer software.
  8. All SbK releases use the SbK signed repository for all project specific packages. The repository can be added to any Manjaro or Arch OS to allow the SbK packages to be used.

A full and very minimal iso can be found here.

As always questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome, just leave them below.



After the work done on Cinnamon 19.0 to make themes easier to create I took a look at the previous releases of the SbK 19.0 series so far. I was not happy with the icon color of the Lxqt release. Its a little to late to re-release it with new icons. But I do have a repository. So I created a new Yellow2 icon theme. After updating it can be chosen by clicking Menu > Preferences > Lxqt Settings > Appearance > Icon Theme tab. Here is a shot of the difference, its slight, but I think its a lot better.


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Just a short note. Lxqt .15 is in testing. The SbK Lxqt 20.0 spin will be released shortly after Lxqt .15 reaches stable. I already have all the SbK packages ready for it.

After the last update compton-conf the gui app for adjusting composite is broken. Its config file breaks composite rendering. As a work around delete /home/"username"/.config/compton.conf and replace it with this picom.conf. Sadly compton settings cant be used as it will break composite rendering, but the picom.conf can easily be edited manually.

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