Scanning Brother DCP 7065DN

I own a Brother DCP 7065DN, wired to my router. Printing just fine, but scanning drives me crazy. Manjaro "sees" the scanner, but nothing happens. I installed brscan4 and brscan-skey. For some reason I can not use brscan-skey as in the terminal is returns "command not found".

I've tried numerous guides but nothing seems to solve the scanning problem. I even think the whole scanning software on my machine is a big mess.

Can someone help me? Maybe I need to start over with installing the scanner driver, but don't know where to start.
On the Windows-machine of my wife the scanner works fine

I'm not sure what desktop environment you're on (and not sure if it matters), but this works for me any time I install a KDE version:

  1. install brscan4 from AUR (I never used brscan-skey)
  2. after install, open a terminal and type: sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=Brother-7065DN model=DCP7065DN (Substitute your printer's local ip address)

I use "document scanner" and/or "gscan2pdf" for my scanning gui. I've installed 2 different Brother MFC models using the above method.

I am pretty sure I did al that, but a used a space in the "name" - parameter. So I just copy/paste your code and it worked just fine. Well; except from the scanbutton on the printer itself. But this works fine for now.

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