Screen flickers

So I am new to Manjaro, but not new to Linux.
I just installed Manjaro and the login screen is still but as soon as I login the screen flickers and for time to time goes black, just to come back soon after.

What can this be due to?

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My immediate guess is - wrong permissions on your /home/$USER folder - but that would only occur if you were using a folder from a different installation of Linux.

If the login screen (display manager) doesn't show at all it is a graphic configuration issue.

I raised the underscan in the Nvidia settings and now it is still.


Are you using picom/compton?

Screentearing with NVIDIA's proprietary drivers

Try this setting in picom.conf :
vsync = "opengl"

There something I've read before about the flickering at boot can sometimes be xsetroot setting the background color. I can't remember the details entirely though.

Since I am new to Manjaro it didn't take long for me to pooch the whole installtion so I did a reinstall and choose free-drivers this time, no flickering no blackouts.


I have the same problem ever since I upgraded to Gnome 3.36. I am also using NVIDIA proprietary driver.

Likely a regression in GNOME 3.36. 3.36.1 is coming soon.

I have both Gnome 3.36 and KDE. The same happens with KDE, so I am not sure if it's a regression from Gnome's side (or I might just have a separate issue).

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So it started happening in KDE when you upgraded to GNOME 3.36? Weird how GNOME would affect KDE?

Or maybe this has nothing at all to do with GNOME 3.36?

Right, now I realized it may not be relevant to Gnome at all. My apology. I actually just switched to nouveau (unfortunately I got an NVIDIA GPU).

Oh, actually, even after I switched to nouveau, I still get the same issue. I finally realized I got a contact issue with my display port. Unplug and plug in, now all issues are gone.


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