Screen is pushed over, black number

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When I boot up, the logs fly rapidly left and right. This is what my screen looks like after the boot is finished. Does anyone know how to fix this?

What did the webpage say when you started this post? Wasn't there a message about supplying good and enough information? Why don't we see this in your post? With the info you supplied we just have to guess what's going on, what hardware you have, which version of software you have. It'll be a guessing game.
This way there is no chance for you to get the right answer which will help you.

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Looks like someone bombed their KDE or SDDM, but thats still not much to go on.
For example - the far right looks like a funked up SDDM splash screen .. but theres also these inverted breeze window decorations around. I cant even guess whether this is before or after logging in or ...

What have you done before (update, install, configuration)?

After this install, I went into Octopi and performed a system upgrade. Following that, I went to install yaourt, enabled AUR underneath Octopi's setting. Then, I added herecura's repo so I could install Vivaldi Snapshot and the codec, and installed PlayOnLinux and attempted to install winbind. I restarted after the failed attempt, and this is what happened.

You should have rebooted after update (I suppose there wee new kernels/video drivers?).
As of the rest, they should not crash your GUI system.
Are you using multi-boot system?
Have you used Manjaro Grub for booting or from another installation (Manjaro or other)?

It's a dual-boot with Windows 10.

Provide some info please:

inxi -SMGxxx
mhwd -li
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.lg
journalctl -p 3

What do I do with that?

Here's a video of it booting up:

Run all commands in terminal and copy/paste the output in a post.
Read this please.

At first guess, it seems like a hardware and/or BIOS problem.

Run the grub terminal?

Read the above posted tutorial.
Please try to find some help on translation, if English is not well understood, or you may do some mistake on your system because of wrong translation.

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