Sculpt OS

what do you think about this?

Quick look and the closing thoughts sum up what I felt reading it:

With Sculpt though, I was unable to get the operating system to do anything, from a user's point of view. The small OS could download packages and load some of them into memory, and it could display a graph of related components. Sculpt could connect to my network and mount additional storage. All of this is good and a fine demo of the Genode design. However, I (as a user) was unable to interact with any applications, find a command line, or browse the file system. All of this put a severe damper on my ability to use Sculpt to do anything useful.

Genode, and by extension Sculpt OS, has some interesting design goals when it comes to security and minimalism. However, I don't think Sculpt is practical for any end-user tasks at this time.


looks very umm.. special . might spin that up in a vm out of boredom. :thinking:
have not been to distrowatch in months, looks like MX is doing well anyhow. i'd rather see MX in #2 rather than mint or ubuntu :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

:rofl: SculptOS, for your os/granola/fish/womans underwear/ needs :rofl::joy: the website made me dizzy. @klaude_kraap , thanks for that. i really needed a laugh

edit: ok, yes i just realized has nothing to do with sculpt os, but boy am i glad i thought it did. i was wondering why i couldnt find a download :man_facepalming:

correct site --->

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hmm, this made u laf hard yes?
or new big juicy post in Linucs hyumor ?

oky, i see your edit nows.

yeah i kinda became the joke in this scenario. still funny to me.
i tried sculpt in a vm and i cant say i understand it, i can click on a few things? no teminal access even though one is open. what can you expect from an os thats only 23mb

earlier, for a moment i thought you looked at my post history and replied to the wrong thread, the funny one, thats all. :smiley:

and there are other tiny OSes menuet/kolibri that are decent, this one needs more polishing


Likely give this a spin on the weekend.

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