SDDM doesnt start after discord manual update

Used sudo cp /user/downloads /opt/discord and overwrote all files.
PC crashed, unable to start SDDM on restart.
Updated pacman -Syyuu
reinstalled GPU driver
Logs from /usr/var/Xorg.0.log

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Was this really the exact command you used? Cause i just manually updated discord myself and no problem here.
All i did was just delete the files that were linked into the /opt/discord folder from the update and then copied it over.
sudo cp -r /home/User/Desktop/discord /opt/ was the exact command.

What is the output of 'sudo systemctl status sddm'?

I reinstalled manjaro, backed up my files beforehand. Thanks for trying to help guys

I am confused why you would have done this...

Why wouldn't you just use sudo pacman -U on the package link from unstable, or swap to unstable to get the package update?


sudo pacman -U

Cause i wanted to see if i could?

sudo cp /user/downloads /opt/discord would not overwrite all files
missing option -r (or -R or --recursive) to copy sub-folders and files

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