SDDM fails to start & Segmentation Fault while using AMDGPU-PRO Drivers


Today when I started my computer I was introduced by a black screen rather than my comfortable X Session I'm used to seeing. Researching further, I noticed that SDDM failed to start while booting up my KDE session, which is when I found this problem with Xorg pointing to the AMDGPU-PRO drivers.

I tried reinstalling the drivers with no luck. I've also tried changing kernel versions and that did not work. I'm not sure what else to do as I don't want to break the system, coming to ask for help from you. I've left logs containing the error message from sddm as well as the Xorg error. I've also added some important information about my system below.

Xorg Error Report from '/var/log/Xorg.0.log':

SystemD status report on SDDM:

Listing of the AMDGPU packages I am using (some come from the AUR):

Information about my current hardware and kernel:

All of the drivers currently loaded on the system:

Information about Current Manjaro Release:

Update: Uninstalling the AMDGPU-PRO Drivers seems to work. However, I need those specific drivers to run certain applications I need to use. I am going to look further into this to see if I can find a solution that works.

Mods, should I close this forum post and open a new one, or should I keep on using this forum post?

So you never did any research Manjaro uses its own tool MWHD for GPU drivers do not use AUR as Manjaro config is Different also the pro drivers are crap the free drivers are what you need to do some Reading @bogdancovaciu will set you on the correct path.
Do inxi -F post the results Preformatted textplease 6th button from the left </>

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Not much of help when comes to AMD GPU's and their drivers, especially the PRO drivers that AFAIK will not play nice. What programs require the PRO version of drivers?
Thanks @mandog for the shout out. Kind regards, hope all good !!!

@mandog What makes you think I did not research other than using Manjaro's Hardware Detection Tool for GPU Drivers? Did I miss something? I find it astounding such an assumption was created.

@bogdancovaciu Davinci Resolve requires the Pro Drivers, based on what I've experienced with the program not being able to run with the free drivers, and researching on the Arch Forums and Wiki.

Davinci is not the best software for Linux best to use windows for it. is a good choice or blender, they do take a lot of learning, That is my opinion and confirmed by what i have read, its also closed source, and gives very little help to Linux users. I even tried it on MAC and it was only 3rd rate,
Back to AMD nobody seems to think the pro drivers are worth it on Linux as the free drivers are really good, that's all. the pro drivers seem to have problems

GPU drivers must be installed with mwhd not AUR unless you really know what you are doing

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