Secure hard disk erasure

Hey, everybody,
I want to safely delete files from my hard drive.
Is there a graphical software that allows erasing like eraser under Windows with a method like dod 5220.22?
Thank you in advance!

P.S: for the command line method, I know (like shred) but I'm a slacker.

Tried this yet?

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Please be aware that for HDDs any secure erase utility will do, but for SSDs you need your manufacturer's secure erase utility and as you're a slacker, you didn't give us any specifics, :grin: so we can't neither, but @jillswift's methodology will serve you best!

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By any measure the most efficient way is shred and if a PnC exist - it will most likely be a frontend to shred.

Note: Disconnect any hard drives from your PC that you do not want to erase. DBAN will delete absolutely everything that is connected to it.

DBAN still exists on SourceForge, but now links to a commercial page (And why I didn't link to it)


Thank you very much but I would like to shred my files directly into Manjaro. It's simpler and faster.
Too bad I can't find a simple and intuitive GUI.

DBAN is really simple to use. Just burn it to a bootable media (USB stick), boot from it and type "autonuke". Everything on that computer will be wiped clean. Then plug in your Manjaro live ISO, reboot and install.

Use a honkin huge electro magnet. :grinning:


There is a plugin for Thunar - a wrapper for shred

Build and install from AUR
pamac build thunar-secure-delete

Install the dependencies

sudo pacman -S xdialog libnotify

Download two files from github repo

  • shred.png

Save the files a convenient place in your home e.g. ~/.local/thunar-srm.

Open Thunar -> Edit -> Configure custom actions... -> Add


  • Name: Secure Delete
  • Description: Securely Wipe Files Before Deletion
  • Command: /home/$USER/.local/thunar-srm/ %F
  • Icon: Select the icon saved in above location

Appearance Conditions

  • File Pattern: *
  • Tick all boxes

Click OK

Navigate to a file -> rightclick -> Secure Delete

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That doesn't work any more for SSDs and OP never specified a specific piece of hardware...

Though a ball wrecker still works on both SSDs and HDDs! :innocent:

Thank you very much, it's working perfectly. This is what I was looking for.

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