Send YouTube link from Firefox on a Pinebook to SMPlayer / MPV?

I have just installed Manjaro KDE 19.04 to the eMMC of my new Pinebook (with the new 1920x1080 display) and now I'm wondering what the best procedure is to watch 1080p videos from YouTube.

I though I have read about a Firefox plug-in before that allows sending video links to SMPlayer / MPV, but the one I tried required to install something not compatible with aarch64.

From what I previously read, the Pinebook should be capable of playing 1080p videos, so what's the best procedure for videos from YouTube?

You are talking about: ?

Can't you just copy/paste the link and play it with your player (such as vlc)?
It works...

At its most basic, this works as well:
mpv ""
(or is this really too much work?)

If anyone interested in a solution for chromium/chrome, below extension works.

dont you have smtube in arm??
use it to play youtube videos.

I use the extension "TitleUrlCopy" and a small script which is bound to a global hotkey.
When I open a video I can press Ctrl+C to copy the URL to the clipboard and then use f.e. Function key + y to open mpv with that URL.


notify-send -t 3000 --icon=video-television "Playing video" "$(xclip -selection clipboard -o)";
mpv "$(xclip -selection clipboard -o)"

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