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Looking into the 'New' list there is given the column of categories but now I found the category 'Support für die KDE Edition' (interesting DEnglish :slight_smile:) and I understand your concern. Unfortunately I don't have a solution for such a filter.

I miss a German Translation.

I hope it will come for each User to Change what he want.


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See, that's it.

Thx @jonathon


Not working, unless I am expecting it to work differently than it is designed. When I look in New I continue to see posts with Deutsch tag. I also see these posts when I look in other categories such as Technical Assistance.

I did that a few days back, but I am now seeing some Deutche posts in my "latest" feed.
They are categorized Forum-Diskussion, Manjaro-Diskussion, and Support for die KDE Edition.

Depending on how many days back, there were quite a few new sub categories added to the Deutsch category. Maybe you missed muting them?

The mute function appears to operate on an AND operation rather than OR for tags. See for example this post

It has the tag Deutsch but still showed up in my New feed. When I go to the Deutsch category, the button next to the New Topic button is set to muted already. But when I go to Manjaro-Diskussion category, the button is not muted. Thus this post that was tagged both Deutsch AND Manjaro-Diskussion is not muted for me.

The only thing I ever muted was the Deutsch "all" category.

I can see that there are a lot of new posts in various other Deutsch sub-categories, but they don't show in my feed. I tried unmuting the "all" category and then remuting it, to see if that will take care of the problem.

Update: I waited overnight, and the unmute-rermute seems to have done the trick. :slight_smile:

This was one of three German posts in the New posts feed for me today. It is correctly tagged as Deutsch and I have Deutsch posts muted. Not a big deal just letting mods know the site is not working as expected.

Did you mute "Installation und Konfiguration" as well?

No, but it should not be necessary unless the Mute filter only screens posts in which EVERY tag has been added to the list rather than screening posts in which ANY tag has been added to the list. The former makes no sense and the latter is the expected behavior. If I don't want to see any cat videos and my stream fills up with videos of cats playing with dogs because I didn't screen out dogs then the system has broken down.


I guess it is a trade-off. In this particular case, then yes it would be easier if muting the parent muted the children too.

On the other hand, suppose you wanted to "mute" the technical-issues-and-assistance category, except the technical-issues-and-assistance/kernel category which you wanted to "watch".

Which way is better -- setting parent affects all children, or set each category individually? I guess it depends on your perspective and the devs of this forum software decided that setting each individually was the better way to go.

Subscribing to/Muting Sub-categories

Currently you must subscribe to - or mute - each category and subcategory individually. Subscribing/muting a parent category doesn't automatically perform the same action for the sub-categories.

This especially makes sense in a community like Mozilla where each team has more general discussion, but also has very specific technical discussion. Someone may only be interested in the specific discussion on a sub-project, or they may only be interested in the general announcements to follow the broader work of the team.

You can subscribe to and mute categories and sub-categories in your preferences, or on the main page for that category/sub-category.

From: Categories vs Sub-categories

Should be an option -- "mute category and all subcategories".

Yeah, no. If they chose not to include something so obvious it's because they feel like their way is "right" even though it is completely counter to how people expect things to work.
EDITED to add:
Actually I stand by my initial assertion that a filter should not work on an AND basis but an OR basis. If a post has THIS or THAT or THE OTHER THING it should be muted even if it also has SOME OTHER THING. This is especially true given the behavior as described in your link Categories vs Sub-categories.

Sub-categories mostly behave as their own categories. They just happen to be nested under a parent category for organization.

If sub-categories are functionally independent of the parent category then they should not be able to over-ride a rule regarding the parent category. It is illogical.


EDIT: Strike the below. They are still appearing, I overlooked them. :frowning:

i think this is already a function. As I said before, I have only ever muted the parent categories on all of the non- english forums. When new posts suddenly appeared, unmuting and remuting the parent category took care of all the sub categories. I have not had a single German thread appear in my "latest" category since the day before yesterday, and I only ever unmuted the parent categories. The exceptions were for the several threads I had opened during the troubleshooting process, (and were therefore following my thread-folllowing preferences, rather than category preferences) . I just manually unfollowed those.

Any forum 's logic is common, I believe.
In the main browsing I can see everything.
If I mute a category or subcategory, I don't see posts even in browsing.
If I need to see a muted post I can go from a direct link of another post or unmute the category.
I subscribe (watch) means I get notifications for new or posts or replies.
If I want to see a main category except one or more sub categories I mute them and I don't see them in the "see all" browsing.

Anyway, I think we are miss-leaded. The real "should not happen" thing is to treat a Language as Category. As I saw, there is already a Second Forum running by side of the Manjaro forum, regarding the German lang Categories and subcategories. Please don't misunderstand.
I am sure this is not how this forum engine is designed to serve a community.

What forum software is it anyway? It would be nice to have the option "mute this and subforums" in the dropdown, so you don't have to bother whenever subforums are added. Patching that up can't be really hard.

Though, it's a small task going through an disabling them.

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