Setting up two logins for one account

I want to set up a system where there is a fake password and a real password to my account. So if I type in the fake password, my account will login but all the files and folders and everything else will be hidden but if I type my real password, it will show everything. Is there a way to set this up?

That cannot be done.

But you can create encrypted folders which must be unlocked with another password.

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This reminded me of

What does he mean by this and how does it exactly work?

Is it possible for the authorities to prove that there is a hidden container without the password to the hidden container?

So this person is suggesting to have two Manjaro OSes installed, right?

Is possible with VeraCrypt as was mentioned, and works for Windows AFAIK.
He simply wants that but nobody implemented it, not at a functional level anyway, so is more conceptual. Someone would have to prepare a strategy and tools and put them together.
Honestly, i don't know what authorities can or can't, but i'm sure they are more resourceful than us, simple people :slight_smile:


I wish i can learn a lot more about computers lol. But anyways it is great that VeraCrypt has this option as this is what everyone needs. Cause honestly the authorities suck there is no more privacy anymore.

It is possible to setup an encrypted partition and when you login you can manually mount the partition.

Before encrypting the partition you can fill the partition using /dev/urandom filling the partition with gibberish.

Then encrypt the partition and manually mount it when you have logged in.

This way - if anyone ask the purpose of the partition - it can be claimed as unused diskspace and the person which asks is none the wiser.

A very good wiki article on the subject can be found here

This can be combined with e.g. a MEGA account which offers fully enduser and cloud storage encryption and encryption key is not stored at the provider so no one - not even the provider - can access the storage.

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two passwords on one account is not possible.
Is creating a guest account an option??

You are telling me or you confirm what was already said and is well known? :slight_smile:

Yes, there is, se here and here, but to what end and as alternative to what?

Obligatory XKCD comic:




all the reason why we should use outer and inner passwords.

If you're in a situation of being tortured by a nation-state actor then what's on your laptop is the very least of your worries. It's already "too late". Plus, do you really think that if they find "nothing" on your laptop they'll just turn around and release you? No country in the world has "nice" security services.

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I do think the $5 wrench or end of rubber hose is very effective at unhiding hidden containers too. None of us are cinema class heroes.

This is a road to nowhere.
Go with a persistant USB install, run and store your "suspicious" stuff there. Keep it in your hand and stay always near a river promenade. :cold_sweat:
Don't be stingy, buy a VPN service. With some penetration tools you can even mask your mac-adress, when you are in public networks. But this is no manjaro thing, you might have a look at kali.

western security services are actually quite 'nice', in that they behave according to the law - when they are in a jurisdiction which has controls and measures and is watching them. eg. UK

Illegal rendition is another kettle of fish.

But we can't avoid a need, by jumping to extremes. There are levels of security, with each level stopping different actors with different levels of motivations.

At the very least, we can stop 99% with these simple principles if adopted in the linux world as they already are in the windows world (drivecrypt plus pack, veracrypt).

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