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Hey there,
I am very new to Manjaro and Linux.
I have a PC which I share with my family. We want to have a guest account on there whose home gets deleted after every logout.

The guest account should have no password and it would be awesome to be able to configure which programs the user are allowed to run/use.

Is there a good/simple way to archive this?


This might get you an idea

Yet better this one

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just install

pamac build systemd-guest-user

and done

but it does not delete files on logout
it needs reboot to delete files


Thanks for the quick help.

Sadly i already read the bottom thread and it didn't help me.

I uncommeted the two lines in the LightDm config and after creating a "guest" user and installing guest-account I still had no guest account.

As I can tell:
The first method (configure Lightdm config) did nothing.
The second method (installing guest-account) made that I couldn't log in to the guest user.

It would be great, if you can tell me what i did wrong.

Thanks, that worked!

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