Setup Manjaro Windows Dualboot

My advice was with that regard, as I understand your position.
There are credible reasons.

This could (possibly, but it does, you 'll scream...) not work as easy as you would want.

IMHO, the bigger question is if it will be easy to install and run Win on an external drive.
Even installing Win on your current disk (with Manjaro) sounds like a better option, in a practical (and statistically) way.
You seemed a little afraid or skeptical, to mess try solving booting issues, with a OneDriveOSes scenario, which is not really a big problem to solve (this forum knows its stuff :wink:). The next easiest way seems (IMO) to be the swap-drives way.
Linux/Manjaro could handle being on external drive pretty well, the opposite (for my knowledge) is for Win on external.

As I like to say, pick your poison!.

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In this case I will pick the "safe way poison" of having a long todo list and will first install windows and then manjaro again. But actually I think I will just get windows up and running and will be using windows til after my project is done and then I will go and replace the booltloader with grub by installing manjaro.

Edit1: I'm done with all the backups now and got the windows bootstick so I will reboot into the stick now and tabularasa my system. Wish me luck and thanks to all of you for your support!

Just came in. Have a festival to attend.
Re: grub
If msdos/bios-legacy, it is okay to have the 'mbr' set to the external drive.
So without the external drive attached when booted up it will boot automatically to windows.
With the external attached, to boot manjaro, you will need to to to boot-set up (F8 ~ F12) and select external and that will bring up manjaro's grub to boot manjaro.

If uefi/gpt, You can use the $esp in the internal drive or another $esp in it. You can also set the $esp in the external, but as well as in bios-legacy/msdos to use boot-set up key, we will need to use "--removable" in the grub-install command.

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