sgtk-menu: GTK menu for sway and i3

Being happy with wofi/rofi and dmenu, I've never thought that i3 or sway needed a menu. I started this code out of curiosity, but the result seems to be worth of sharing, as no other menu I know works well on sway.


  • .desktop entries-based system menu;
  • search box to find what you need quickly;
  • favourites (most frequently used entries) menu above (optional);
  • user-defined menu below (optional).


The sgtk-menu AUR package 0.0.1 is a pre-release and needs testing. I'll be grateful for feedback and contributions to the repository.


Is this like morc_menu?

No, it's not. See readme.

In the 0.7.0 version you'll find improved i3 support, and also a possibility to use sgtk-menu as a replacement to the Openbox menu.


Works pretty good. Good work.


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v0.8.0 brings the sgtk-bar command, to create horizontal / vertical button bars. See [wiki[(


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Moved from #showcase to #manjaro-development:projects because that's where it belongs :wink:

Neat project, maybe I'll play around with it when I finally find time to get used to i3. :laughing:

Thanks :slight_smile:

when I finally find time to get used to i3

Be careful! As soon as it happens, it's not easy to work with a floating WM. Openbox was my favourite, but now overlapping windows piss me off. :rofl:

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I've just added a new command: sgtk-grid displays a GNOME-like application grid, w/ optional favourites above.


The command comes with its own ~/.config/sgtk-menu/grid.css file, which overrides the theme settings, to give the grid more gnomish look. See wiki for details.

As all the package, it's expected to work well w/ sway, i3 and Openbox.


sgtk-menu 1.3.0 released. Should work on most WMs and some DEs. Tested on sway, i3, Openbox, FVWM, dwm, yaxwm, qtile, and briefly on XFCE and GNOME (Xorg).


For some time I've been working on the paralel project: same 4 launchers coded from scratch in gtkmm / C++. First 2 of them - application grid and button bar - are available for testing here. There's no package yet. To install, you'll have to follow simple steps described in README. Execution is about 2 times faster than in the python version. Thanks in advance for feedback.

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