sha mismatches

The sha hash values listed at are different from the downloads. The website says:

  • SHA1: 42b3a9398b03951f359a8005c1ef421dd5291193

  • SHA1: 27cab62db5bffc802fb4b65c189eee80bc3ea0ee

However, here are the results from my downloads:

  • SHA1: 7483e7911a8a2b36b70b507342bb7458ad9ca0d3

  • SHA1: d02e2e3a94b40957764dab4cd0c6ce62e32299de

Anyone else seeing this?

Not tested, but if your hash is different the download failed.
Download again.

~/Downloads >>> sha1sum manjaro-xfce-19.0.2-200311-linux54.iso                                                                                              
7483e7911a8a2b36b70b507342bb7458ad9ca0d3  manjaro-xfce-19.0.2-200311-linux54.iso

Ok, same result.

It looks like the hashes on the website didn't get updated.

The correct hash files are usually available for download as you can see:

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It makes me more than a little nervous when the 3rd party download page's hash is different than those listed on the official website.

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I suspect the team does this to test7verify if the checkums are actually used.

If you find the correct chccksum you have won ride on the rhino.

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Good joke :innocent:

We have fixed that. We uploaded several versions of the ISOs to fix a bug on the installer. In the end we forgot to update to the last correct versions. This is fixed. Please refresh your caches in your browser.


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