Shared Folder not showing in Manjaro Gnome (virtualbox guest)


I am using Fedora 31 as host and has installed Manjaro gnome 19.0.2 as guest (Virtualbox version is 6.1.4 r136177).

Before upgrading to virtualbox to 6.1.4, everything was working fine like in version 6.1.2.

But after upgrading virtualbox to 6.1.4., manjaro stopped showing shared folders

Please solve issue

Have you tried reinstalling the Guest Additions CD? If not, first make sure that your Manjaro guest has the packages it needs for the Guest Additions to work (if you've installed them before, you should be familiar with this), then install the Guest Additions CD that comes with Virtualbox.

yes I have reinstalled Guest Additions but nothing helped.

As I told earlier it was working fine old version of virtualbox 6.1.2 but shared folder stopped working in virtualbox 6.1.4

Please help us help you:

Sorry I didn't get you. Which logs you are asking for? Where to find it? I am new to Manjaro world

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