Shared folders in lan network

Hello! I just installed Manjaro KDE in 2 computers, both connected to my local wired network. Now I need to share folders between them. Any simple way to do that? Sharing folders through Dolphin doesn't seem to work. I'd prefer to find a simple non terminal way to do it since people in my household are below average users when it comes to technical knowledge, and I'd like to show them that Manjaro is as easy and efficient as Windows or macOs. Thank you!

Maybe Nitroshare could be a easy solution for a local network.

It is ready to install:

pamac search nitroshare                                                                                             ~
nitroshare                                                                                          0.3.4-2  AUR 
    Network File Transfer Application

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Been awhile but for file sharing to work in dolphin you could try installing manjaro-settings-samba.


I can't recall with absolute certainty but I think thats all it took, if not, check the Troubleshooting section on the wiki page (create smb passwd, add user to group and check firewall).

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