Sharing folders between users

Hi, guys.
I'm enjoying Manjaro XFCE, fresh install.
Mi question is a newbie question.
I need to share some folders between users in the same PC (music, pics).
Been looking for a guide, installed thunar plugins, samba and so, but no results.
Thank u!

Amigos, precisa de una ayuda.
Estoy usando Manjaro Xfce, la ultima versión, recién instalado.
Estoy buscando la forma de compartir algunas carpetas con otros usuarios en la misma pc.
Busque tutoriales que me llevan a un plugin de thunar, samba y demás, pero hasta ahora no tengo resultado favorable.:unamused:
El compartir lo puedo hacer fácilmente dentro de otra computadora con W10.
Aviso: no busco hacer redes Windows-Linux etc.
Los leo!

for me the easiest way would be to create a shared folder with a group permision.

You will probably have to use sudo for the commands below.

Add group groupadd letssharesomefiles

Create a folder somewhere e.g. mkdir /shared

Set ownership on the folder chown nobody:letssharesomefiles /shared

Add users to the group usermod -aG letssharesomefiles your_user_names. Run it for each user. To see the efect you have to logout and log back in and then you can confirm it with groups command.

Make sure every file in /shared belongs to the group letssharesomefiles. Make it automatic that every new file in /shared inherit the group of its parent folder and read/write permission.
chmod g+rwxs /shared - inherit group
setfacl -Rm d:g:letssharesomefiles:rwX /shared - inherit permission read/write, folders also execute but no file execution

It also helps to create a link in your home directory (~) to this folder ln -s /shared ~/shared so you don't have to look for it too long.

Also, feel free to change this ridiculous group and folder names I just used before you start. :grinning:

The principles is not only for multi boot but also multi user.

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