short cut for setting in the right click

it would be so cool if we add a shortcut to the settings in the right click button on the mouse . even if i add a shortcut in the panel , it would be much faster and easier to open up settings .

Why isn't is enough to have Plasma System Settings (package name: systemsettings) in the Favourites in the applications menu?

I agree with you that at the beginning of an installation you visit this app quite often. But later when you set up most thing it becomes less frequent.

You can add an apllication quite easily to the panel. Just right click on the app in the apps menu and select Add to the panel (Mini Program).

I think it is a decission to not add (too many) shortcuts to the panel by default, because different users have different needs. If you start adding then you will easily end up with 5 of them, Settings, Pamac, Konsole, Dolphin, Firefox, ...


Functions like that are generally available/ or not by Desktop or window manager (or File Manager).... which are you running? Have you contacted those devs ?

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Probably you are looking for something like this

Probably safer to get it from here

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it was just a suggestion. rather than bringing out the mouse pointer all the way up to the panel, we could've right clicked the mouse and opened the settings . even though we rarely use settings it's an integral part of the operating system i think . sometimes when i set auto hide the panel , it becomes buggy sometimes difficult to open .

i was talking about the desktop . thanks for pointing it out .

i tried the second link but doesn't seems to be working . after installing the program do i need to do anything additional ?

Right click on Desktop > Configure Desktop and on the Mouse Actions > Right-Button you selecte instead the Standard menu the Custom entry ...

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okay cool !! .it's working . thanks mate :kissing_heart: i didn't knew that

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No problem.
If you want to add the System Settings to it, to accessit in 2 clicks, just Edit the options of it


And a text format popup settings will be shown, and on top you add under {favorites} the entry:


You can tweak it as you like.
Glad it helped. Cheers!

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