Should I be worried about using Manjaro?

Heyo! Someone recently showed me this article, and it's got me a bit worried about using Manjaro.

My question is - have all of these issues been resolved(starting from the third point, excluding the point about monetization)? Anyone, including the Manjaro team may chime in, but I don't want any corporate shenanigans being said, just straight to-the-point facts please.

This has been discussed dozens of times. Those lists are pretty dumb.
For example ..

Manjaro fakes their distrowatch score with bots[2][10].

...really ? :roll_eyes:


Don't feed the trolls.


Both sources are comments from the same Reddit account :thinking:

I'd rather not see the certificates expire for the third time.

I'm assuming most, if not all of that was fake? (except for the partial upgrade think if you use the AUR with stable lol). I've learned not to trust people on Discord at first sight

That bot thing doesn't sound too realistic now either, idk, I think I was allowing myself to be spoonfed

First, let me say up front that I am neither a Manjaro developer nor involved with Manjaro GmbH. I am only a Manjaro user and have been a (quite dedicated) forum member since April 2019. This should put some light on what I'm about to say next.

Getting to the point, that article is already old ─ I've come across it myself in the past ─ and it was obviously written by a disgruntled user or an Arch fan. Many of the things said in that article have been exaggerated and/or drawn out of context, such as the monetization that you seem to be concerned about.

Yes, there is a company called Manjaro GmbH, located in Germany and run by @philm and @oberon, and this company seeks to promote Manjaro as a GNU/Linux distribution by engaging in commercial deals with hardware manufacturers for the production of computers that come pre-installed with Manjaro GNU/Linux. There is nothing wrong with that ─ Canonical does it too, with its Ubuntu distribution ─ and this has no impact on the free availability and maintenance of the Manjaro GNU/Linux distribution.

As for installing multiple updates per week, this is only true in the Unstable branch, and possibly in Testing. Manjaro Stable gets bundled updates about twice or three times per month. The updates are bundled together so as to make updating easier, and so as to make sure that they've been sufficiently tested before being pushed out. This is why Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distro, and not a plain rolling-release like Arch.

However, that all said, as with every GNU/Linux distribution, by using Manjaro (or any other distro), you are also assuming the responsibility over your computer, its operating system and its application software. If you're looking for a "set and forget"-type of operating system, then GNU/Linux may not be for you, and then a rolling-release distrbution ─ curated or not ─ will definitely not be to your liking.

Many newbies are using Manjaro, and unfortunately, often bringing their Windows habits with them into GNU/Linux, which is an entirely different operating system. But if you're willing to learn and assume a modicum of responsibility, then I don't see why you couldn't be using Manjaro. It is more user-friendly and newbie-friendly than Arch.

And in the end, the same is true for the Manjaro forum. Here, we help the newbies. Over at the Arch forum, newbies get bullied.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

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Yeah, no problem with the monetization stuff. As before, I think I was just allowing myself to be spoonfed, not really understanding what was going on, definitely need to do my research.


This was a issue with the old forum. Since manjaro core team have more control on the forum here + paying up w/e the forum cost will be. It should not ever be a issue.

Yeah its pretty upsetting to see people like @Foxboron continuing such myths.
I have no idea where they get the idea that bots are used to influence distrowatch.

But its doubly funny because thats an Archer who, as I understand it, has been particularly nasty towards any attempts at manjaro collaborating in good faith .. making statements like "Manjaro contributes nothing upstream" not only untrue in a wider context .. but for Arch specifically is something that is born of an environment created by the same user who complains about manjaro 'not contributing'

.. just .. eh. such toxic. many wow.


Yeah, I definitely think Manjaro contributes, especially for an install-and-go experience(which is in no way bad, if not better for even some experienced users) . Once again though, this is all relating back to the fact that I allowed myself to just read something and accept it as fact, big boomer moment :pensive:.

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The folclore era is back. The information is more reliable if comes from unknowns.

In the year 5768 this will make news once again, for the billionth time.

For each click a user does inside the install, a payment will be made, or something?
Not true by any means.
Unfounded complains about ElementaryOS came from same anonymous sources at one point, but i digress ...

Glad i removed 99% of my text i was to post. Might had the surprise to get charged per words in the forum. :crazy_face:


Let's save everyone's time and move on.


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