Should I make a SbK Deepin spin?

Im just wondering if its something the community would want. It does appear to have a dock available so that would satisfy one main SbK design points. Also is there is anything users think it should include. I think basing it on the stable branch is a good idea considering the very active development it appears to be under.

What do you think?

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Why not. Give it a try and let us know what you found out. In a later state we my think of what can be used and if one of your editions may become a community edition...

I have done some preliminary work already. Mostly organizing the build setup and making it work with my build scripts. I have a working live build, and its impressive as a desktop. I am going to have to play with it a little and get to know it better. It will definitely need some theming work, as its a vanilla Manjaro build. As for becoming a community edition, that wold be nice, but its not really why I build spins. It has more to do with learning, creating what I can, and giving back to the community as I am able.

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What does SbK stand for?

I am interesting in trying a Deepin spin. I have it installed via Architect on a VM and it runs without any issue. However I would like to try it on my ThinkPad X1E, hence the need for a Live image.

Spins by Kilz

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Then I vote yes for a Deepin skin.

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After playing with deepin I have found a few things..

  1. The desktop is beautiful.
  2. Its config makes it easy to find things.
  3. I love the dock!
  4. Its theming is buggy.
    4a. There are multiple different theming types (qt and gtk).
    4b. I can find no way to change the qt theme.
    4c. It appears you cant change the theme of the file manager. The location of the directory that holds its theming is a mystery.
    4d. There is very very little documentation on theming. The little that exists seems to be mostly in Chinese, which I cant read.
  5. Its wallpaper settings leave a lot to be desired.
    5a. There is only one folder that can hold wallpaper.
    5b. That folder cant use sub-directories, anything in them wont be available to users.
    5c. You cant add images or directories in the wallpaper settings.
  6. The packages in the stable branch are old, version 20 is still in beta.

That being said I do like the desktop, and I will keep working on it to see if I can find answers for some of the limitations listed above. I will likely at some point in the future release an iso, even if its just a plain Manjaro setup. Its more likely to be a version 20 because of its constant development. I would like to use the stable branch to avoid the bugs that come with constant development.


Please Go ahead, It would be great if you cherry pick stuff from both v15 and v20.

I assume you were not using anything from the v20 beta correct?

No, Im waiting for the v20 release to come out in the repositories. As I understand it a lot has changed as far as theming.

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I would love to see a Deepin version. All your spins are quite interesting. The Deepin desktop is truly unique and I`m sure you will make it more so.....


Thanks for the kind words on my work so far. Sadly the corona virus has slowed the release of version 20. I will be making a spin once its reached the sable repositories, the current version in the repos has issues, and I think stable is better for deepin considering its active development

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