Shutdown messages not aligned


Hello I have used Manjaro on another laptop before using kde image and never had this issue. On a new laptop i've used architect image and this issue appears. Everything works perfectly fine but this doesn't look nice. I am usding KDE, SDDM and systemd-boot.
Thank you.

I agree that it doesn't look nice - luckily it goes away soon enough :grin:

I use BIOS/MBR/GRUB, LightDM and XFCE, and it's the same with me.

I have no idea what causes it, but I have a good solution - Manjaro supports Bootsplash.

Bootsplash will show a graphical boot and shutdown screen, which you can remove to see boot messages by pressing Esc. Nice and tidy :slight_smile:

Here's a tutorial on how to enable it.

It is cosmetic - don't bother.

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