shutdown/reboot problem but mainly about updates

Hi guys!
First of all I'd like to apologise if the problem i bring out to you seems trivial. And I genuinely believe it is.

I am relatively new linux user, i tried my best with ubuntu-based distros for a school projects mainly, but none of them seemed to be my cup of tea. So I decided to switch to manjaro. And I'd like to stick to it.

But to the point:
When I installed manjaro from a fresh iso image (5 days ago) I ran a full system upgrade (via pacman -Syu). It went smoothly. PC worked great for few days, till latest update was published.

I ran it without background check - mea culpa! And because I am a proud owner of AMD cpu I expirienced a reboot/shut down problem described here:

Moreover my keyboard keys 'p', 'k', 'b' and numeric enter did not work.

So I restored my system via Timeshift and everythings works like it was before the update. Only the big, red, shiny notification is reminding me constantly that I have 147 updates to make.

And thus is my question about the very nature of updating a rolling release...
How should I run it? Should I maybe wait a couple of days and then check out latest comments and look for patches? Should I be running it from command line or via pamac? Is it absolutely necessary to have latest version of the system?

Once again sorry to ask you that, i read many posts and topics on forum but many of them gave me colliding answers. I just want to make this problem clear.

Ps I run some of the solutions suggested on the topic i linked and none of them seemed to work, should i be worried or wait a couple of days for a patch?

If the problem is the kernel technically (I think) you could stick with a lts that works on your machine and update the rest of the packages.

I had the shutdown problem too, as did other people, you can read in this forum post. After accepting the kernel upgrade from pamac last Sunday, everything ran smoothly again.
Unfortunately i cannot say anything about your keyboard keys.
Generally, you should not have to look through all of the forum every time you update your software. I usually just look in the News Announcements for known issues and manual interventions. If an update brings along a bug, it should usually be fixed pretty quickly by an other update.

Thank you guys for the advices, I really do appreciate it!
I will add those sites to my bookmarks.

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