Simple manjaro-chroot -a question

So I've just finished installing Manjaro 18.0.4 (The only one I had and was to lazy to grab a new ISO) but haven't rebooted yet.

The question: Can I just chroot into the new install (even though I haven't rebooted) and do a full update?
Or should I reboot to cli using the 3 in grub and update that way.

I just really don't want any surprises so I don't want to get to desktop until the system is fully updated. KDE is WAY to finicky IMHO.

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I think it's perfectly doable to chroot and run the update from there. :slight_smile:

And by the way, even if you were to reboot and run the update from the installed system, then you still don't need to boot to runlevel 3. Simply don't log into SDDM, but instead use Ctrl+Alt+F3 to get to a character-mode virtual console, log in there as root, and then run...

pacman-mirrors -f 5 && pacman -Syyu && systemctl reboot



Duh, right. Little frazzled. The upgrade had some issues.

Thanks for the quick answer. :smiley:

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Oh, you're welcome ─ I was in the neighborhood anyway. :laughing:

And since you have no problems with the system packages (yet), don't update your mirrors!


Sorry, it's being annoying...
Truth hurts... :sob:

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To late. :rofl:

The keys are being annoying but I think I got it.
Currently updating from some server in uh... brazil I think?

Edit: Now that's a a l o t of packages. :flushed:


Actually, it was a server in Russia.
I'm sad, they didn't send any vodka. :blush:


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Now that is a hilarious ad.


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