Simplenote now available for Linux ARM

I'm not sure how many people use Simplenote for note taking, but I've found it invaluable over the past few years. On 4th April, a request was filed for the developers to produce pre-built Linux ARM binaries. It appears as though this happened back on 2nd June. I was just a bit too pre-occupied with other stuff going on in my life to notice.

Anyhow, for ease of installation, I've made a new AUR package to help other Manjaro ARM & Arch Linux ARM users more easily install it. If you have yay installed then the following should work:

yay -S simplenote-electron-bin-arm

Alternatively, you can just use the AppImage available in the latest GitHub release.

EDIT: I’m removing my AUR package as the maintainer of the simplenote-electron-bin package has kindly agreed to roll the ARM builds into their package. Hence, all that should be needed now is:

yay -S simplenote-electron-bin
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That's great. :slight_smile:

I noticed that the pkgbuilds for this one and the x64 one is pretty much the same, just with different sources. Maybe the x64 AUR package maintainer could be poked to include the armv7 and aarch64 sources in his?

I was considering doing this. Might do that in a mo. I've just done something similar with the vivaldi-ffmpeg codecs package I maintain.

EDIT: Just left a message. Tried to email the maintainer, but the email address provided didn't work.

Just an FYI, it should have been called simplenote-electron-arm-bin as the type of package needs to be the suffix; i.e, -bin, -git, -svn, etc.

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You know what... I was wondering that, but from searching around the AUR I couldn’t pick out a consistent naming pattern. Will amend my other package.

Cool, the current maintainer has agreed to roll the arm packages into their current one. So all that will be needed now is:

yay -S simplenote-electron-bin

Will request deletion of my *-arm package.

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I was actually going to suggest that. :+1:

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