Skype - how to share sound via voip

How to share my screen is obvious.

Now that I have my sound blaster jams connected I can hear my interlocutors way better and talk to them freely however i haven't figured out how to share the voice of say a YT clip while sharing my screen.

Anyone with that kind of know-how present? :slight_smile:

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It might be too much for my small brains.

Clone this repository : git clone
Edit the script and define MICROPHONE and SPEAKERS to the values of your own.
Run the script : ./
    If the script worked correctly, it should output a series of five numbers (the ids of the newly created virtual devices).
    If it didn't, you'll have the error messages from the underlying pactl commands.
Configure manually your media source and videoconference input with pavucontrol
Enjoy !

I am at stage 2 - define how? Where do I find the info?

At the same time,

  • pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=inputs
  • pactl load-module module-loopback sink=inputs
  • pactl set-default-source inputs.monitor

returned errors and I wasn't able to use my headphones at all.

the script explains how to find names of devices in pulseaudio for Microphone and Speakers
# This script sets up pulseaudio virtual devices
# The following variables must be set to the names of your own microphone and speakers devices
# You can find their names with the following commands :
# pacmd list-sources
# pacmd list-source-outputs
# Use pavucontrol to make tests for your setup, and to make the runtime configuration
# Route you audio source to virtual1
# Record your sound (videoconference) from virtual2.monitor


script must be edited to change names for variables MICROPHONE and SPEAKERS to correct alsa_input and alsa_output device names

if pacmd commands suggested do not help, try using - pacmd dump to show names

At the same time...

returned errors and I wasn't able to use my headphones at all.

use only one method at a time for this. trying to do both at the same time is likely to fail

cannot help with error messages if you do not post them here

pacmd dump
pactl list short sinks
will show list of modules loaded by either method

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